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Some­thing had been trou­bling me about the Honda. I’m in­fat­u­ated with al­most ev­ery as­pect of it. The han­dling, the steer­ing feel, the sound, the manic na­ture of the en­gine, the way you seem to be plung­ing deep into the fiery pits of hell in a run­away minecart when the rev nee­dle sweeps past 6,000rpm. But there’s one thing the EP3’s fa­mous for, which some­how wasn’t re­ally work­ing for me: the gear-shift.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s noth­ing up with the gear­box it­self. I’m talk­ing about the tac­til­ity of the shift, the way it feels as you snick from gear to gear. The weird BTCC­like place­ment of the gear­stick po­si­tions it a mere hand-span away from the steer­ing wheel, and this should help to make your shifts quick and de­ci­sive. But it felt a lit­tle sloppy in my car.

No one likes a spongy stick. It seemed in­con­gru­ous in a car that, in all other re­spects, is so fo­cused and se­ri­ous. And ev­ery other EP3 driver raves about the awe­some­ness of the gearshift. It was nig­gling away at me.

So I got on the blower to boss-man John at Tegiwa, and I barely got to fin­ish the sen­tence be­fore he’d di­ag­nosed the prob­lem and for­mu­lated a so­lu­tion.

Those fel­las know Hon­das in­side out, and ap­par­ently EP3 shifters nat­u­rally de­velop a lit­tle play over time. The cure? A Revo Tech­nica short-shifter as­sem­bly to re­place the tired fac­tory unit, which short­ens the throw by 40 per­cent, along with a fancy Skunk2 bil­let gear­knob, which is pre­ci­sion­weighted at 440g to (ap­par­ently) pro­mote smoother, more pos­i­tive shift­ing.

The fel­las on the Honda fo­rums seem to swear by ’em, any­way. I put my or­der in, and the cheery post­man handed me my knob (fnar fnar) the very next day.

It only took my lo­cal span­ner-twirlers, Au­totest of West Ewell, an hour to fit it all. So with some sim­ple-to-fit parts the driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence has been trans­formed once again. Nice one, Tegiwa!

A car fit for a knob

Revo Tech­nica short-shifter has trans­formed gear changes

Knob on

A fine look­ing and weighted knob

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