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When you ever ex­pe­ri­ence in-car footage of a big roll or sim­i­lar mas­sive ac­ci­dent in a race car, you’ll al­ways no­tice the driv­ers head thrash­ing to and fro, side to side – and that’s the hu­man head with the weight of a hel­met too!

Just about ev­ery­one ex­pe­ri­ences whiplash in a mi­nor road bump at 20mph these days (if you know what I mean!), so imag­ine what stress and strains are ex­pe­ri­enced at 100 to 150mph plus?

OK hel­mets made from car­bon fi­bre are much lighter than ever be­fore, but still the dam­age can be im­mense. That’s why these de­vices have been en­forced in all cir­cuit rac­ing classes – the most re­cent, saloon car rac­ing, just last year.

So we had to get one for Project FC309 to en­able us to com­pete in the CSCC Spe­cial Saloons and Mod­sports Se­ries, which is reg­u­lated by the RAC MSA, the mo­tor­sport gov­ern­ing body for the UK.

The HANS Sys­tem, or Head And Neck Sup­port, is the great­est safety in­no­va­tion since the full-face hel­met, the fire re­tar­dant rac­ing suit, and long be­fore that, the full har­ness of course. Ba­si­cally, it re­duces the risk of basi­lar skull frac­ture or mus­cle stretch­ing dur­ing an in­tense de­cel­er­a­tion, the pri­mary cause of death in mo­tor rac­ing.

It’s horse­shoe shape al­lows it to drop over your shoul­ders and is se­cured down onto your chest with the lat­est in full har­nesses, which has 50mm shoul­der straps rather than the new and trendy 75mm straps. This is to en­sure the straps keep the HANS in place and not be­come dis­lodged.

The great staff at Cor­beau talked me through the re­quire­ments and sup­plied us with this fan­tas­tic kit, a lightweight, en­try-level HANS de­vice, which of­fers ex­cel­lent value for money.

The Club Se­ries HANS by Stand 21 is pro­duced us­ing re­in­forced ther­mo­plas­tics in order to achieve the re­quired high­strength ca­pa­bil­i­ties set out by the FIA, whilst keep­ing the weight to a min­i­mum. This cou­pled with the new six-point har­ness, not only helps to hold your head on but your body too, well within the con­fine­ments of the seat. Once you are in the seat with the HANS in place, strapped in, these two small straps at­tach to the spe­cial side but­tons fit­ted to all new hel­mets. These small belts then re­strict your head move­ment from side to side and to and from the head rest in the seat. You can move enough to drive safely, but in an ac­ci­dent sit­u­a­tion, you’re re­stricted, to save your mus­cles and bones. We feel a lot safer now.

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