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Like many, I have a sim­ply enor­mous (Some would say bloody stupid – Jules) de­tail­ing kit. From years and years of test­ing just about ev­ery prod­uct out there. It con­tains all my per­sonal favourites, ev­ery­thing from nano clean­ing com­pounds and tar re­movers, to clay bars, sealants and fancy metal pol­ishes. Un­less it’s the end of win­ter or I’m go­ing for a se­ri­ous two-day ses­sion be­fore a show it’s pretty rare that I use them all too. But what hap­pens on the morn­ing of any given event? Like ev­ery­one else, I load the frickin’ lot into the boot and take it all with me. Shit, I’d prob­a­bly sling in the pres­sure washer and Hoover if they’d fit. And therein lies the prob­lem.

Over­load­ing on the clean­ing gear is ob­vi­ously quite a com­mon phe­nom­e­non too. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of de­tail­ing sta­tus thing, but I’ve lost count of the amount of im­mac­u­lately trimmed show cars, or stripped out tuner cars, dis­played with a stupid amount of 500ml bot­tles stuffed be­hind the pas­sen­ger seat. And do any of us use all this fab­u­lous kit when we get to the event? Do we bol­locks. A bit of a wash, wipe over and wax is about the max­i­mum that’s needed. There’s much more in­ter­est­ing things go­ing on, right?

The real ques­tion then is, what stuff do you ac­tu­ally need while you’re out and about? Well, Auto Fi­nesse have just launched per­haps the big­gest no-brainer on the mar­ket…

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