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Cus­tom made coilovers us­ing Honda Civic coil sleeves and stan­dard shocks; 8.5x14-inch front and 9x14-inch rear wheels; 25mm hub spac­ers; wooden steer­ing wheel; big gear­knob; Fuse Knot, tas­sels and beads hang­ing from mir­ror; curved mir­ror lens; red footwell neons; retro speak­ers on par­cel shelf; VIP can and fag holder; MK1 GTi Golf Duck­bill split­ter; God­fa­ther air horns in front grille; wing mounted mir­rors; bolt on arches; Nis­san Blue­bird rear quar­ter vents; rear slit spoiler made from up­turned rover spoiler; 2.5-inch twin shot­gun ex­hausts; Hako­suka replica rear spoiler.

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