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The el­e­ment of sur­prise is a very use­ful thing in mo­tor­sport, when it comes to power or setup or sim­ply tak­ing avant­garde lines through cor­ners – and this ex­tends to liv­er­ies too. The oh-so-retro BASF cir­cles de­sign is one of the all-time greats sim­ply be­cause it’s such a headf*ck for ev­ery­one else on track. You can to­tally put ev­ery­one else off sim­ply by mak­ing your car look like a cross be­tween a Magic Eye pic­ture and some­thing from a kid’s Spiro­graph. This star­tling de­sign de­buted on Hans Stuck’s BMW M1 Pro­car back in 1981, and it did an amaz­ing job of mak­ing the wedge-shaped su­per­car look like it was all sorts of dif­fer­ent shapes de­pend­ing on which an­gle you looked at it from. Ea­gle-eyed scene kids may re­mem­ber El­liott from sis­ter-mag Per­for­mance VW wrap­ping his Audi A4 Avant in this liv­ery a few years back; we reckon now’s the time to crack out this de­sign on a smaller car, some­thing like a Fiat 500 or an Audi A1, to re­ally ac­cen­tu­ate those trippy swirling cir­cles.

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