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It’s what’s on the in­side that counts…

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It’s what’s on the in­side that counts. It’s time for a re­trim!

Al­though the aes­thet­ics of your car are im­por­tant, it doesn’t take a rocket sci­en­tist to work out that most of our time is spent sit­ting on the in­side. And just like in the prop­erty in­dus­try, there’s an abun­dance of de­sign spe­cial­ists around the world that can take your in­te­rior to the next level.

This is even more of in­ter­est to­day as man­u­fac­tur­ers face a con­stant bat­tle with con­flict­ing gov­ern­ment leg­is­la­tions. On one hand ve­hi­cles have to pass strict safety tests (a good thing, ob­vi­ously). But on the other, they have to com­ply with equally tough emis­sion laws. What has this got to do with the in­te­ri­ors of our cars? Safety de­vices are heavy, and weight is the en­emy of emis­sions. The com­pro­mise? Lighter com­po­nents and this means ev­ery­thing from the met­als your car is made from, to the ma­te­ri­als used for the in­te­ri­ors. As such, leathers and fab­rics have be­come thin­ner; this saves weight but com­pro­mises longevity and the qual­ity of your in­te­rior. The like­li­hood is that you’ll be re­quir­ing a re­trim. Good news…

The af­ter­mar­ket up­hol­stery mar­ket is boom­ing and there’s even been a growth in com­pa­nies that solely ex­ist to of­fer up­grade op­tions for your car, as well as trim­mers that spe­cialise in be­spoke and lux­ury in­te­ri­ors. But be­fore you book your car in for a re­trim, here’s what you need to know…

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