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Now it’s win­ter and the sun has dis­ap­peared, Jules has de­cided it’s the per­fect time to get some tints…

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With win­ter in full swing, the re­build plans have well and truly been hatched.


Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, D&G... what’s your favourite brand of shades? For me, the best shades are the ones you put on your car win­dows. Yup, win­dow tint­ing might be con­sid­ered an old-skool mod, but it’s still as pop­u­lar as ever, and for good rea­son too.

Now don’t get me wrong, the whole purpose of tak­ing my car to Brom­ley and get­ting Au­toworx UK to tint the win­dows was purely for aes­thetic rea­sons. I’m a bit vein like that. Much like the celebri­ties who prance around in their Ver­sace bins. But there’s a whole load of other ad­van­tages to tint­ing your car win­dows…

Not only do they look awe­some, but they’ll in­crease the se­cu­rity and pri­vacy of your ve­hi­cle, re­duce UV rays by 99-per­cent (if high-qual­ity film is used, like the XPEL Au­toworx UK rec­om­mend) and also re­duce so­lar heat gain by 49-per­cent – par­tic­u­lar use­ful in the sum­mer at shows when your car has been in di­rect sun­light all day. So yeah, there’s more to tint­ing than meets the eye (pun very much in­tended).

Now, I’ve had a lot of my projects tinted in the past, pretty much all of them and all by top in­stall­ers. But I haven’t had a car tinted in Kent for over a decade, be­cause I’ve been liv­ing in the West Coun­try up un­til pretty re­cently. This lead me to look for a new win­dow tin­ter and af­ter a quick search and a bit of re­search I de­cided to con­tact Au­toworx UK. Af­ter speak­ing to Tom (the boss), who’s been in the trade for al­most two decades, I sub­se­quently booked my car in.

Now, I was fully ex­pect­ing to rock-up and pre­pare my­self for the five-hour wait while the guys stripped the door­cards off and got to work. The wait­ing is one of the very few down­sides to tint­ing. Or rather, it was.

Tom works with mas­ter-in­staller Neil to get things sorted in dou­ble quick time! They in­formed me there was no need to re­move the door­card com­pletely any­more as this was quite an old-skool tech­nique and com­pletely point­less on my car. As you can imag­ine, this cut down in­stal­la­tion time mas­sively. How long did the whole process take? Less than an hour. And they can do it even quicker when a fat bloke isn’t get­ting in the way tak­ing pic­tures and ask­ing an­noy­ing ques­tions.

“The win­dow tint­ing game has moved on in the last 10 years,” said Tom. “Peo­ple want a quick turn around. And to make win­dow tint­ing cost ef­fec­tive for us, but more im­por­tantly, for the cus­tomer, you have to be ef­fi­cient with the in­stil­la­tion process. We still use the best prod­ucts and com­plete the job to high stan­dards, and our life­time guar­an­tee backs that up!”

So there go. If you want to im­prove the look of your car in less than an hour and live near Brom­ley, hit up Au­toworx UK. They have the of­fi­cial Slim Jules seal of ap­proval.

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