Well Truck Me!

Fast Car - - Over There -

Ev­ery year we’re amazed at the ar­ray of se­ri­ously jacked-up trucks scat­tered around the show. OK, we know they’re all a bit silly, and they def­i­nitely wouldn’t work on our shores, but there’s no deny­ing they make quite the spec­ta­cle. That said, we can’t help but feel some­one was tak­ing the piss a bit when they built this bonkers F350 Su­per Duty. I mean, I know I’m short, but damn!

Stand­ing at 11-feet high, with five-foot tyres, it’s pretty amaz­ing that they’re ac­tu­ally al­lowed to drive this bas­tard around on the road. Good luck get­ting your tools in the back of this bug­ger, al­though at least do­ing an oil change isn’t too much of a prob­lem. Swings and round­abouts.

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