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As big sin­gle turbo RX-7s are so com­mon, it’s easy to for­get that the FD comes with a very clever twin se­quen­tial turbo setup from the fac­tory. Rather than two dif­fer­ent sized tur­bos, the FD runs two iden­ti­cal tur­bos and a set of solenoid­con­trolled valves. That means it runs off one turbo at lower rpm, bring­ing it on boost at very low rpm, grad­u­ally bring­ing in the sec­ond turbo as the rpm rises, giv­ing great high rpm power.

While of­ten dis­posed of, as the so­le­noid con­trol parts are com­plex and well known to go wrong with old age, the fac­tory twin se­quen­tial turbo setup is ca­pa­ble of far more power than many might think.

The cur­rent record us­ing the stan­dard twin tur­bos in full se­quen­tial mode is a quar­ter mile time in the mid 10-sec­ond range at around 130mph, which is mod­ern hy­per­car fast but from 1990s-era stan­dard twin tur­bos!

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