Fast Car



ENGINE 3.2-litre, 6-cyl, V6 engine, HGP intake manifold, Garrett GTX3582R Generation II turbocharg­er, custom red pipe work, JVK blow off valve, carbon-fibre rocker cover, black silicone hose kit, uprated injectors, uprated fuel pump, custom intercoole­r and exhaust manifold, Milltek stainless steel exhaust system, ECU remap

TRANSMISSI­ON Factory DSG twin-clutch gearbox, fourwheel drive

SUSPENSION Air ride system using Bilstein dampers and adjustable top mounts with Air Lift Performanc­e air bags and 3P management

BRAKES 390mm drilled discs with Audi RS6 six-piston calipers (front), 356mm drilled discs with Audi R8 fourpiston calipers (rear), additional rear handbrake caliper

WHEELS & TYRES 8.5x19in ET53 OZ Ultralegge­ra HLT centre-lock wheels, Hoffman Racing centre-lock adapters, 225/35/19 Michelin tyres

EXTERIOR Carbon-fibre flared front arches painted body colour with edges showing through, de-chromed badges, and front grille

INTERIOR Full leather interior with factory Recaro wingback seats, MkVI Golf R steering wheel and sat nav headunit, air ride controller built into ash tray, Pleie-Sport half rollcage painted red

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