Fast Car



ENGINE 1598cc B6ZE DOHC 16-Valve, custom 2in exhaust system with Yoshimura R77 motorcycle backbox

TRANSMISSI­ON 5-speed manual, RWD

SUSPENSION Adjustable coilover suspension, full fourwheel alignment. 0.0° toe all round, 1.15° negative rear camber, 1.5° negative front camber

BRAKES Standard discs and pads all round

WHEELS & TYRES Custom made 10x15in ET-50 steel wheels made from 4x100 Suzuki Swift 15in diameter centres, pressed and welded into 10in-wide Speedway barrels, etch primed and painted metallic silver/gloss black on reverse side, bespoke fibreglass aero covers with custom graphics, 225/45/15 Toyo Proxes R888R tyres

EXTERIOR Full +100mm custom-made widebody kit, factory arches cut and welded to accommodat­e wheels, GV-style front lip, custom-moulded bonnet vent, front canards, F1-style arch mirrors, custom 3-piece ducktail and roof spoiler, eBay 57in wing with custom 6mm clear polycarbon­ate struts, custom low-profile headlights and high-power LED light bar, external oil cooler (cosmetic only), full-body refurb including rust repair and antenna delete, cut rear bumper and bumper support, front tow strap, tinted windows, fibreglass OEM replica hardtop with toggle latches, boot lock and latch delete (replaced with toggle latches), full body respray (epoxy sealer primer), trim respray in gloss fluoro yellow, main body vinyl wrap in satin gunmetal metallic, flares, lip, ducktail and roof resprayed in dark stainless metallic, custom livery and decals, custom RGB programmab­le underglow lighting, window banner

INTERIOR Stripped interior, full silver respray, Bride Low Max seats, aftermarke­t steering wheel and boss kit, custom gauges, window netting (Kanjozoku inspired), roof-mounted cargo netting, custom RGB programmab­le interior lighting, rear-view camera and dash-mounted display, custom cyberdeck incorporat­ing custom mounted stand, 230V 500W inverter, Samsung NP350C laptop base with upgraded Seagate SSD, upgraded battery and modified chassis, external 15in monitor fed by VGA and powered by onboard inverter, custom hard-shell carry case, reinforced, painted and fitted with bezel and cosmetic additions, retrimmed door cards, custom switch panel made from smoked acrylic containing switches for interior and exterior lighting and independen­t high and low beam headlight switches, custom wiring

THANKS Thanks to the team at Panmech Services for teaching me these skills. The teams at Panelstore and NZ Fiberglass for their help and advice. My friends and family for all the help along the way. Lastly, thanks to the kind strangers from the internet for the feedback and encouragem­ent throughout the build, particular­ly my good mates on the Driftworks forum!

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