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Top 10 Fast Fiestas

With 2021 the Fiesta XR2’s 40th birthday we look back at the best of the breed


The cult of the hot hatch just wouldn’t be the same without fast Fords. Even if you’re a die-hard follower of the Golf, the 205 or the Civic (or any number of other options), it can’t be denied that Ford has always put incredible effort into making performanc­e affordable for the person on the street, and the Fiesta sits in the centre of this game-plan. Whether it’s feisty XR2s skulking in your local drive-thru or your grandma pootling to the shops in a Popular Plus, memories of the Ford

Fiesta will be inextricab­ly intertwine­d with your past, which is unsurprisi­ng given that the model popped into the topten bestseller list back in 1977 and has pretty much stayed there ever since – it’s an enduring love affair, we just can’t get enough. And given that this year marks the 40th anniversar­y of the XR2’s launch, we wanted to pull together a greatest-hits of fast Fiestas, from those halcyon days of 1981 right up to the present moment. Enjoy the ride.

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