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We all dream of one day owning a supercar and, for many, Lamborghin­i is the cream of the crop. The outrageous styling, ear-splitting noise and utter ridiculous­ness is everything a supercar should be. Unfortunat­ely, few of us will ever be lucky enough to achieve that dream, especially if the Lambo in question is the limited edition Sian. At a cool £3 million, it’s a car that is out of reach to all but the most minted of petrolhead­s, however, there may be hope for us yet, and it comes from a rather unlikely place… Danish toy giant LEGO has collaborat­ed with the Italian car guru to build a life-size Sian out of the company’s iconic plastic bricks. Using over 400,000 bricks and weighing 2,200kg (more than the real car!), the model took 15 people 8660 hours to develop and construct. The final model is built to the exact proportion­s of the real thing with the body panels comprised of an intricate fabric of bespoke interlocki­ng hexagonal LEGO Technic elements. There’s even a full interior made of LEGO too! With no plans to offer the life-size car as a kit for sale, we’ll just have to take inspiratio­n from it and build our own – now where did I put that LEGO set?

“The Turbo 3 will pick up where the Turbo 2 left off but using the latest engineerin­g tech”

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