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The roots of the Berg Cup stretch back to 1987, as motorsport authoritie­s sought to find a home for all the Group 2 and 5 cars that had recently been outlawed. After much head-scratching, there was a groundswel­l of enthusiasm for the Berg Cup series – held across a dozen hillclimb venues in Germany (‘berg’ translatin­g as ‘mountain’), the Cup was embraced by fans and entrants alike, and has been running ever since.

There are various different classes in which entrants can compete; for example, Group H is a pretty extreme set of regs in which cars such as Mk1 Golfs and Polos run bespoke 1,300cc engines with ITBs, bike heads, high compressio­n and lairy cams, kicking out 200bhp or more. You also see a lot of 2.0-litre 8v and 16v builds, and all manner of drivetrain layouts. It’s not just VAG either, you see Opels, BMWs, Porsches and all sorts competing. But the aesthetic is unmistakab­le across the classes: extreme aero, wide footprint, massive contact patch – everything required to get up the mountain as quickly as possible. We approve!

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