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If you’re looking for a modificati­on that can make a big difference to your R’s performanc­e, yet not break the bank, then look no further than a set of Goodridge braided hoses. The PTFE-line stainless steel lines resist the ‘ballooning’ that can happen with stock rubber hoses and ensure a much firmer and more direct and predictabl­e feel when you hit the brake pedal. Coming with top quality stainless steel fittings, they offer increased corrosion protection too. Available a wide variety of colours means you can even mix or match them to your car’s colour scheme.

TAROX DISC AND PAD UPGRADE PRICE: £970 (discs), £178 (pads) CONTACT:

VW’s R-branded Golfs have always been up there with the hottest of hot hatches, and the Mk8 looks set to continue that trend. It also looks like it will respond just as well as its forebears to tuning, meaning the standard stoppers may soon be left wanting when the power curve begins to skyrocket. With this in mind, Tarox has developed a set of uprated 356mm fully-floating discs and performanc­e pads for the latest R, which combine solid billet constructi­on and grooved faces for maximum stopping power and minimum weight. Used in conjunctio­n with a set of Strada road pads, or Corsa track pads, which provide greater bite and improved endurance, even at elevated temperatur­es, and you’ve got a Golf that’ll stop like it’s hit a brick wall.



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The range-topping R may have a more roarty soundtrack than the humble GTi, but it can still be enhanced further with a suitably free-flowing exhaust system such as those from Milltek Sport. The Midlands-based pipework gurus have developed a range of exhaust options for the new Mk8 R that will liberate not only the 2.0-litre engine’s sound potential, but maximise its performanc­e potential too. A range of cool tailpipe options are also available to tailor the look of the system to your car too.


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Like most modern hot hatches, the latest Golf R can swallow some sizeable hoops under its cavernous arches and a set of 8.5 x 19in Rotiform LAS-Rs should be no problem to fit. The 18 slim spokes are made using cast monoblock constructi­on and feature an additional bracing ring that runs through them and offers a cool look, plus exceptiona­l strength, meaning these radical rims will not buckle under pressure. Available in either gloss silver or matt black, they are a classy option for any Golf, but would suit the range-topping R to a tee. We just don’t fancy cleaning them much!


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The Golf R has great handling out of the box, but to make the most of the discreet looks, a decent drop is required to ensure your flashy new rims have a suitably snug place to call home. Coilovers are the obvious option, but with today’s potholed and speed bump strewn roads, what you gain in chassis dynamics and good looking lows, you lose in practicali­ty and ride comfort. You can retain the best of both worlds though, with an Air Lift Performanc­e air-ride kit. An off the shelf solution is available for the Mk8 R starting at £3169.99 for a pressure-based 3P system using performanc­e front struts and Slam rear bags. This base level kit will go from laying frame to monster truck at the press of a button. For those that want a more control, you can opt for the £3519.99 3H system, which offers both pressure and height based control, which will automatica­lly adjust to keep your car level and at the prescribed height. Clever stuff!

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