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Tarox was quick to spot the potential of the Mk8 Golf Clubsport and R, and has developed the world’s first braking upgrade for these performanc­e VWs. Available from the Tarox Bespoke Range, these fully-floating discs are manufactur­ed from a solid billet of steel, then heat treated and cooled for strength and durability. A direct replacemen­t for the OEM discs on the Clubsport and R, they measure 340mm and 356mm respective­ly and come in range of facings, including the grooved, F2000 design. To complement these high-performanc­e discs, two compounds of pad are available: Strada and Corsa. Both pads offer improved friction resulting in more bite and are able to operate at higher temperatur­es to deliver consistent, fade-free braking. The Strada pads are ideal for road cars, especially performanc­e variants, while the Corsa pads, although still effective from cold, deliver greatly improved friction with more bite, even at high temperatur­es, making them ideal for track driving or highly tuned road cars. Rear discs and pads are also available, as well as high-quality braided lines.

Price: Golf R 356mm front discs: £970, Clubsport 340mm front discs: £862, front pads: £178

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