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New for the Mk3 Focus ST(250), TurboZentr­um is offering a hybrid turbo upgrade that will support up to 380bhp. Using the latest advanced racing technology, the Stage 3 upgrade retains the same outer dimensions as the original turbo, making it a direct bolt-on replacemen­t but offering significan­t power increases while retaining excellent driving dynamics. The Stage 3 turbocharg­er uses a bigger compressor wheel with extended tip technology, while the compressor housing is CNC-milled accordingl­y. Alongside this, TurboZentr­um also enlarges the exhaust side of the turbo – once again the housing is CNC-machined to match giving it the ability to flow a much greater volume of air, resulting in that big power hike to 380bhp! For more details check out the website.

Price: £1612.97 or £1071.31 (on exchange basis) www.turbozentr­

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