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Big sounds need big amps to power them and they don’t come bigger and badder than this black beauty from Vibe Audio. Known as the Blackdeath MK21K-V6, this 21,000 watt behemoth is an Ultra Class D competitio­n amplifier powerful enough to (as Michael Caine would say) blow your bloody doors off! It’s a full range unit, which means it can be used to power either a subwoofer or component speaker and includes both high and low pass adjustable filters to precisely tailor the output. Being a mono amplifier however, does mean there is only one output channel, so unless you fancy dropping the wedge on a pair of these bad boys, to allow true stereo sound, you are probably better off using it to power a house-sized subwoofer. Just make sure whatever you connect to it is man enough to take the strain though, because this is one amp that will take no prisoners.

Price: £1099.99

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