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Tweaking the damping settings on your coilovers can be a tricky business as the controls are often tucked away out of reach under the bonnet or in the boot via the strut tops, or attached to the damper body itself, meaning you need to try and get under the wheel arches to adjust them. With TEIN’s EDFC Active and a set of compatible TEIN coilovers however, a dash mounted electronic controller makes it possible to adjust damping force from the driver’s seat by controllin­g stepping motors installed on each shock absorber. Settings can be stored for race, street and comfort and recalled in an instant plus a built-in G-Sensor also allows G-force actuated automatic adjustment while driving and an additional automatic speed-sensitive adjustment feature is available with the use of an optional GPS kit.

Price: From £565.20 (coilovers not included) Contact:

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