Af­ter fi­nally find­ing the car of his dreams, Ceri Mor­gan set about tun­ing it – and he didn’t stop un­til he’d cre­ated this 826bhp mon­ster!

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Sub­tle looks dis­guise the 826bhp fury that lurks within.

Sourc­ing the per­fect car can be a night­mare. If you’re any­thing like me, you’ll have a list of things that it must have, from a spe­cific colour, to par­tic­u­lar op­tions and if you do man­age to find some­thing that ticks all the boxes, some­one else will get there first. But some­times, the moon and stars align and things are just meant to be.

“I’d al­ways thought the Fo­cus RS Mk2 would be a dream car, right from when it was first launched,” says Ceri Mor­gan. “I said to my­self that one day I’d own one, so four years ago, when I had the money, I started look­ing for one.” A man with very spe­cific re­quire­ments, it proved tricky to find the right car. “It had to have Al­can­tara Re­caros, sat nav, and, ide­ally be in white, but I couldn’t find one any­where,” he ex­plains. Then, while out at work on a re­cov­ery and with a lorry in tow, fate stepped in. “I was driv­ing past a BMW dealer, when I spot­ted a white Fo­cus RS for sale,” smiles Ceri. “I pulled over and went in­side for a look. It had all the op­tions I wanted and was up for £22k with just 15k on the clock, so I said I’d give them £21,500

right now and they agreed.” With the deal done, he jumped back in his re­cov­ery truck and fin­ished his day’s work – al­though this time, with a big smile on his face.

“I picked the car up a few days later, which hap­pened to be my birth­day,” says Ceri. “It was a crack­ing present to my­self,” he laughs. “It’s funny, be­cause I al­most bought a blue one the week be­fore, but some­thing stopped me – it was clearly meant to be.”

Aside from be­ing in a mint con­di­tion, the RS ben­e­fited from a Moun­tune MP350 pack­age. “It lasted about a week be­fore I de­cided it wasn’t quick enough,” smiles Ceri and af­ter do­ing some re­search, he plumped for a Revo 400 set-up. “I went to RS Di­rect to buy the hard­ware and then fit­ted it all my­self.” But the new­found power up­grade didn’t last very long…

“A few peo­ple sug­gested I get the en­gine forged, es­pe­cially if I was look­ing to get more power in the fu­ture (which he clearly was), so I called BD Per­for­mance and they asked what my plans were. I said I’d like to go for 500bhp one day and they replied, ‘why not do it now?’” Ceri con­tin­ues, “The next thing I knew, I had a fully built en­gine with a GT35 and 600bhp!” Ok, it didn’t hap­pen quite as fast as that, but he cer­tainly didn’t hang around.

Now, this was around two-years ago and since then Fo­cus RS power games have be­come a lit­tle more in­tense. “I spoke to BD Per­for­mance and said I’d like to go for 700bhp. They told me I should go for a ‘sidewinder’ man­i­fold,” he con­tin­ues. “I wasn’t sure at this stage as it in­volved cut­ting the bat­tery tray to make it fit, but be­fore I could say any­thing Scott sent me a photo of the tray cut in half, with the cap­tion ‘Whoops!’” All jok­ing aside, the sidewinder made per­fect sense and with a mighty Pre­ci­sion 6466 turbo strapped to it, things were shap­ing up nicely.

“At this stage the only thing hold­ing us back was fit­ting a big-valve head, so once this was com­pleted, the car went to Hor­sham De­vel­op­ments.” Says Ceri. “I asked them for 800bhp and they came back with 826.4bhp – I was blown away,” he adds.

Now, Ceri is the first to ad­mit that this is the full-fat ‘dyno queen’ num­ber that was achieved at 2.4-bar of boost, on race fuel. For day-to-day use he runs it at 2-bar to give 670bhp on its high boost set­ting (“which shreds the front tyres”) and a medium 1.8-bar set­ting, which still gives a healthy 550bhp and is more than enough to worry pretty much ev­ery su­per­car he comes across.

Part of the ap­peal with this Fo­cus RS

“The car went to Hor­sham De­vel­op­ments. I asked them for 800bhp and they came back with 826.4bhp – I was blown away!”

is that Ceri has the kept it rel­a­tively stock look­ing on the out­side. Ok, it has a few tasty ad­di­tions such as the Triple R split­ter and Mon­key Wrench head­light con­ver­sion, but in a world filled with ex­treme look­ing RSs, this one is very se­date by com­par­i­son. Which is ex­actly how Ceri likes it. “I al­ways thought the styling was bang on with the Mk2 RS, so I didn’t want to add a fancy wrap or bodykit. I like the fact that oth­ers see it as a nice car, but don’t re­alise it’s got so much power.”

Key to the suc­cess of this big-power build is the Syvecs man­age­ment; which Ceri can’t rate highly enough. “It’s got rolling anti-lag, launch con­trol, flat shift – the

lot.” It’s a sig­nif­i­cant in­vest­ment, but re­ally does a fan­tas­tic job. With so much power avail­able, the next step is to con­vert this fierce front-wheel drive into awe­some all-wheel drive. “We’re work­ing on a Volvo-based sys­tem, but it’s all top se­cret right now,” smiles Ceri. “We al­ready have the donor car, but there’s a lot of cus­tom fab­ri­ca­tion re­quired. I love the rolling ac­cel­er­a­tion of the car, but I miss that offthe-line stand­ing start, which the all-wheel drive sys­tem will fix.”

Aside from the sav­age power, Ceri has fo­cused on the in­te­rior. It’s been fin­ished in Al­can­tara and re­ally lifts the qual­ity of the in­side. Ev­ery­thing has been cov­ered in the soft-touch fab­ric and com­ple­mented by a cool blue stitch­ing. The classy cabin is fin­ished off with some tasty gauges in­clud­ing a Tou­can touch screen for the Syvecs.

So there we have it. A chance spot­ting dur­ing a day’s work has led Ceri to cre­ate the Fo­cus RS he’d al­ways dreamed of. It’s im­mac­u­lately pre­sented, looks stun­ning and has sav­age power. All that’s left now is the four wheel drive con­ver­sion, and he’ll be un­touch­able.

Pre­ci­sion 6466 turbo is mounted on a ‘sidewinder’ man­i­fold and lives where the bat­tery used to be

The in­te­rior re­trim in Al­can­tara with blue stitch­ing is gor­geous

Tou­can touch screen con­trol works in har­mony with the Syvecs ECU

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