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Many mod­ern fast Fords, like the Mk3 Fo­cus RS and Mk8 Fi­esta ST, come with launch con­trol sys­tems fit­ted as stan­dard, but al­most any car can have sim­i­lar sys­tems fit­ted; whether a func­tion of­fered from a fancy af­ter­mar­ket ECU or a stand­alone launch con­trol sys­tem.

Some sim­ple sys­tems are lit­tle more than a rev-lim­iter, hold­ing your en­gine a set revs be­fore you dump the clutch, al­low­ing you to min­imise wheel spin off the line. How­ever, more com­pli­cated sys­tems are much more so­phis­ti­cated, and will in­ter­act with the rest of the car to en­sure the best pos­si­ble launch. Some sys­tems, like that on the Mk3 Fo­cus RS, will ac­tu­ally stiffen up the rear dampers to con­trol weight trans­fer un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion too. And some sys­tems will al­low tur­bocharged cars to cre­ate boost while hold­ing at set en­gine revs on the start line too, mean­ing the mo­ment you launch you’ve got much more power (in some cases, full power!) avail­able to get you off the line.

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