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Big bhp fig­ures are one thing, but if your power de­liv­ery is rub­bish your ac­cel­er­a­tion will still be poor. While most peo­ple think bad power de­liv­ery is sim­ply an en­gine with a small power­band at high rpms, it can also work the other way too – if your car has more torque than the tyres can han­dle, you’ll spin the wheels and kill your ac­cel­er­a­tion.


This is a clever trick used more and more on tuned turbo en­gines. This lim­its the cars boost pres­sure, and there­fore power level, in lower gears. Do­ing so helps re­duce wheel­spin, but does mean you need an ECU that sup­ports this func­tion.


A typ­i­cal man­ual gear change takes some­thing like 0.5-0.8 sec­onds, and con­sid­er­ing most cars will change gear three times just in a quar­ter­mile run, it means more than 1.5 sec­onds is wasted just by chang­ing gear.

Quick shift kits can trans­form the speed you can change gear in many cars, but the ul­ti­mate up­grade is to fit a se­quen­tial gear­box, some of which change gear so fast you barely no­tice – lit­er­ally 0.01 of a sec­ond!


A good ni­trous kit can eas­ily dou­ble the power of even the most un-tun­able en­gine, and with some drag cars run­ning many hun­dreds of bhp worth of ni­trous, it’s proven to be hugely ef­fec­tive.

It can even be used as an anti-lag sys­tem on tur­bocharged cars; just a small hit of ni­trous used cor­rectly will help bring a big turbo to full boost very quickly.

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