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Of­fered with­out re­serve at World­wide’s Auburn Auc­tion in Septem­ber was the streetle­gal 2004 Ford GT Con­fir­ma­tion Pro­to­type CP4. This piece of modern Ford his­tory is one of only four re­main­ing CP cars, and was the first GT to hit 200mph in test­ing. It’s also the only re­main­ing CP which isn’t speed-gov­erned to 15mph! As is the na­ture of pro­to­types it has a num­ber of de­tail dif­fer­ences to the pro­duc­tion car; it’s also got the stripe-delete, no airbags and very lit­tle sound­proof­ing. Sounds like a fun ride! The fi­nal ham­mer price was a ro­bust $467,500 – de­cent cash, but for the se­ri­ous col­lec­tor that’s a small price to pay for a unique slice of mar­que leg­end.

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