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EN­GINE 1.6-litre CVH, re­built S1 bot­tom end, Turbo Tech­nics Stage 2 turbo, Airtec al­loy ra­di­a­tor, front-mount in­ter­cooler and cus­tom mounted/ducted aux rad, HD bear­ings, ARP rod studs, new 0.5mm Mahle pis­tons, cus­tom crank trig­ger setup us­ing mod­i­fied Sierra lower cover, late-spec port-matched head, New­man PH2 cam kit with solid fol­low­ers and TIMESERTed rocker studs, vernier pul­ley, cus­tom al­loy rocker cover and mod­i­fied Sierra up­per cam­belt cover, cus­tom in­take man­i­fold, Bosch TMAP sen­sor, Bosch green giant in­jec­tors, Cos­worth throt­tle body/IACV (for ALS), loom stripped back and re­lo­cated, scratch-built power har­ness and en­gine loom for Omex 600 with bat­tery tidy, smoothed slam panel, cus­tom hid­den oil sep­a­ra­tor/breather tank, cus­tom ex­haust with cen­tre box and dummy rear box

POWER 220bhp (es­ti­mate at 18psi on Omex – pre­vi­ously made 197bhp, 215lb.ft at 11psi on MFI)

TRANS­MIS­SION IB5 gear­box with LSD and speed sen­sor for gear con­trol, AP Rac­ing clutch, Ka shifter, mod­i­fied Mk6 clutch pedal con­ver­sion

SUS­PEN­SION Gaz front coilovers with 300lb springs, Koni rear dampers with H&R springs, Turbo Tech­nics RS1600i-style S2 tie bar/roll bar con­ver­sion, ad­justable rear tie bars, Quaife quick-rack with cus­tom col­umn brac­ing

BRAKES Cos­worth front and rear disc brake con­ver­sion

WHEELS & TYRES 16in Com­po­mo­tive MO5 EX­TE­RIOR ’90-spec S2 in Ra­di­ant Red, mod­i­fied front bumper with wedge-cut rear, RS500-style split­ter, de-wipered rear hatch

IN­TE­RIOR OEM in­te­rior, sub­tle shift lights in­side di­als, Stack boost, oil temp, oil pres­sure and wide­band gauges, push but­tons for ALS, launch con­trol, high/low boost and fan over­ride, flocked glove­box with OBD-style port for ECU con­nec­tion, orig­i­nal Sound 2000 ra­dio with cas­sette deck mod­i­fied for Blue­tooth re­ceiver, hid­den amp and un­der-seat sub­woofer

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