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Typ­i­cally per­for­mance har­nesses come in ei­ther 50mm or 75mm wide web­bing. The 50mm web­bing is a good op­tion for fast road ap­pli­ca­tions as it pro­vides good strength with­out be­ing too in­tru­sive, but for track and race cars the 75mm web­bing is a bet­ter op­tion. The wider the web­bing the larger the sur­face area and there­fore the greater the spread of any load ex­erted upon it. FIA ho­molo­gated har­nesses must fea­ture 75mm wide shoul­der straps for this very rea­son.

Race har­nesses typ­i­cally come in two widths; 50mm or 75mm

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