Fast Ford - - Buyer’s Guide Escort Xr3 -

£1000 to £3500

A rot­ten shell with ID could cost £500, while you’ll need to dou­ble or triple your money for a com­plete car. A rough run­ner with MoT will be £2500 to £3500.

£3500 to £7500

Any XR3 ca­pa­ble of be­ing used will fit the mid­dle value, with the up­per end for some­thing show-wor­thy. Be­ware of im­ported LHD ma­chines, which are tricky to con­vert, and tend to be used for spares.

£7500 to £14,000-plus

Low-mileage, low-owner or re­cent­lyre­stored XR3s de­serve a big bud­get, but be sure the in­te­rior is mint. Con­cours cars can draw £20k from col­lec­tors.

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