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Ford’s elec­tri­cal sys­tems are gen­er­ally re­li­able, and the Mon­deo is es­pe­cially good.

But, like other Mk2s, the ST24 is prone to faults with elec­tric win­dows (make sure all four go up and down) and cen­tral lock­ing mo­tors: so en­sure they all lock and un­lock on the key. It’s com­mon for in­di­vid­ual door mo­tors to fail, and although they’re avail­able sec­ond-hand, old Mon­deo parts won’t be around for­ever.

The dash­board may also be a source of con­cern, with warn­ing lights hav­ing a disco – the ABS lamp may stay on (prob­a­bly due to a dirty or faulty wheel sen­sor), and airbag warn­ings could be caused by a poor con­nec­tion in the loom un­der the front seat.

Check the charg­ing lamp (bat­tery sym­bol) comes on with the ig­ni­tion, goes off when the en­gine starts, and doesn’t light up or flicker un­der high revs, which points to al­ter­na­tor fail­ure. Turn on the head­lamps, heater and other elec­tri­cal gad­gets, and see if it comes back on. The al­ter­na­tor is awk­ward to re­place be­cause it lives at the back of the en­gine be­neath the rear ex­haust man­i­fold.

Al­ter­na­tor fail­ure may also show up in symp­toms such as puls­ing or flick­er­ing head­lamps – but a bro­ken al­ter­na­tor wire may equally be to blame, which is a cheap and sim­ple re­pair. Like­wise, the cause could sim­ply be a duff bat­tery. Check the en­gine is easy to start from cold, but bear in mind ST24 starter mo­tors sound lazy be­fore they wear out.

A heated wind­screen was stan­dard on the ST24, and el­e­ments are prone to fail­ure – which isn’t easy to check un­less it’s a cold day. All Mk2 Mon­deos have prob­lems with the heater blower, which are usu­ally a sim­ple fix but could make a good bar­gain­ing point; make sure it works on all set­tings, and test the air con­di­tion­ing gets cool.

Most im­por­tantly, Mon­deo twin cool­ing fans have a habit of seiz­ing solid, with a cooked en­gine be­ing an even­tual con­se­quence. Al­low the en­gine to get warm, and lis­ten for the cool­ing fans cut­ting in. If not, they’ll need re­plac­ing ASAP.

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