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ST24s don’t cur­rently have the value or pres­tige for be­ing rung or sub­ject to out­stand­ing fi­nance, but that’s not al­ways been the case. It’s not many years since they were valu­able highly-prized fast Fords.

A his­tory check is there­fore highly rec­om­mended to en­sure you’re not buy­ing some­thing that’s been stolen, crashed or not even owned by the seller.

Ob­vi­ously, you’ll need to com­pare the V5 log­book with the num­ber on the VIN, sticker on the driver’s-side B-pil­lar, the stamps on the bulk­head (there’s a cutout on the in­su­la­tion) and a plate on the near­side dash­board (vis­i­ble through the wind­screen from out­side). If there are any sus­pi­cions, just run away.

It’s un­likely you’ll find any­one has built a fake ST24 – it’s too dif­fi­cult to con­vert a four- cylin­der to V6 for lit­tle fi­nan­cial gain – but it’s worth check­ing the spec is what you would ex­pect. Re­mem­ber, not all ST24s were fit­ted with the RSAP bodykit, so don’t dis­count a de­cent car sim­ply be­cause it doesn’t look as sporty.

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