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$83.55 (plus taxes and ship­ping) If the McLaren F1 taught us any­thing, it’s that hav­ing gold foil in your en­gine bay doesn’t just look pretty – it has out­stand­ing ther­mal prop­er­ties too. So DEI’s Cool Cover is a great idea – a gold wrap to ap­ply to your air in­take pipes to pre­vent heat soak from the en­gine and keep air temps as low as pos­si­ble. The wrap­around cover is made from high-tem­per­a­ture met­al­ized poly­imide lam­i­nates ( yeah, we had to Google that too) over a glass­fi­bre base, and can re­flect heat up to 427- de­grees Centi­grade. Smart!

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