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RTR up­per grille with lights; lower grille; brake cool­ing guides; bon­net heat ex­trac­tors; side skirts; rear rock­ers; rear dif­fuser; rear spoiler lip; ex­te­rior graph­ics pack; 20in Tech 7 light­weight al­loy wheels in Char­coal Grey; Miche­lin Pi­lot Sport tyres (255/35R20 front, 285/30R20 rear); RTR gear­knob; Se­ri­alised build plaque signed by Vaughn Git­tin Jr; Tac­ti­cal Per­for­mance ad­justable dampers; Tac­ti­cal Per­for­mance sport springs; Tac­ti­cal Per­for­mance ad­justable front and rear anti-roll bars. COSTS Full drive-in, drive- out con­ver­sion at moun­tune HQ - £10,000

point; it’s all OEM-qual­ity stuff that has been de­signed to look like a lim­ited edi­tion from the fac­tory, and not some­thing built by a ran­dom bloke in his shed.

The RTR Spec 2 model comes with a full list of cos­metic up­grades, in­clud­ing; up­per grille with lights, lower grille, brake cool­ing guides, bon­net heat ex­trac­tors, side skirts, rear rock­ers, rear dif­fuser, rear spoiler lip, ex­te­rior graph­ics pack, and 20in Tech 7 light­weight al­loy wheels. Most of these parts are avail­able from moun­tune as in­di­vid­ual up­grades, but some are unique to the RTR Spec 2 pack­age, so for the full im­pact you re­ally need to add the whole lot.

As I slide in­side the cabin ev­ery­thing is as you’d ex­pect; namely large, Amer­i­can, and re­ally quite comfy. The only cues from the in­side are the RTR gear­knob and the a neat lit­tle plaque with the main man's sig­na­ture.

When you fire up that thump­ing great V8 the car gives off a deep, sooth­ing rum­ble that soon blips into a ter­ri­fy­ing bark with a quick stab of the throt­tle. But to fully ex­pe­ri­ence the up­grades fit­ted to this par­tic­u­lar car I needed to head off into the coun­try­side to find some twisty B-roads.

A Mus­tang, on coun­try lanes? I must be crazy, right? Aren’t Mus­tangs only good for straight lines a quar­ter-mile at a time? Not any more! While the old US-only mod­els may have fallen over at the mere thought of a hair­pin, the new UK ver­sion takes them in its stride – the RTR Spec 2 with its Tac­ti­cal Per­for­mance ad­justable dampers, sport springs, and ad­justable front and rear anti-roll bars, how­ever, just loves to make mince­meat of them!

With these chas­sis up­grades in place, the big, heavy, and su­per-wide Mus­tang ac­tu­ally feels well-planted and re­ally quite nim­ble – which, for a car this size is an amaz­ing feat. Fair enough, on these roads it’s not quite in the same league as a M400 Mk3 Fo­cus, but you’d ex­pect the shorter, lighter, tur­bocharged, AWD RS to have the up­per hand out here. How­ever, you’d be sur­prised, the RTR Spec 2’s per­for­mance is closer than you might think.

The front end feels much tighter than the stan­dard Mus­tang, es­pe­cially on turnin, and be­cause of the re­duced body roll of­fered by the sports springs, the front tyres just grip and the nose changes di­rec­tion re­mark­ably quickly. You might think this may upset the bal­ance and make the rear end feel looser, but it all works to­gether in per­fect har­mony. I even felt brave enough to turn the traction con­trol fully off and get the back-end squirm­ing about on the exit of cor­ners. Of course, with 444bhp on tap it’s easy to get the rear tyres break­ing traction if you pro­voke it, but these coun­try lanes aren’t as wide as a Mus­tang is long, mean­ing there re­ally isn't a lot of mar­gin for er­ror!

I was amazed at how much fun this thing out on the coun­try lanes. I mean, it’s still most com­fort­able on fast sweep­ing A-roads and re­lent­lessly munch­ing mo­tor­way miles, which is where most Mus­tangs will spend the ma­jor­ity of their lives, but this lit­tle trip into the Es­sex coun­try­side proved that if you wanted to (and pro­vid­ing there’s noth­ing com­ing the other way!) the Mus­tang RTR Spec 2 re­ally can hold its own even on back lanes and B-roads you’d never re­al­is­ti­cally ex­pect it to per­form on. And if it’s this good out here, I’d love the op­por­tu­nity to try it on a race track, as I can only imag­ine it would be mega on track. I love it.

Many of the cos­metic up­grades are avail­able sep­a­rately, but some are unique to the RTR Spec 2 pack­age

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