With the RS’s vi­su­als re-vamped, this month Jamie turns his at­ten­tion to fresh­en­ing up the per­for­mance with an in­evitable trip to moun­tune HQ…

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The RS’s rein­ven­tion con­tin­ues this month… with even more power! Af­ter the stun­ning new 3M wrap, stylish new Vel­gen wheels, and ag­gres­sive Toyo R888R tyres, I re­ally needed to take the per­for­mance to the next level. The han­dling and brak­ing have been taken care of al­ready with var­i­ous chas­sis up­grades, not to men­tion those su­per-sticky tyres, so the time was ripe to up the power.

Through­out the year I’ve been mak­ing hard­ware up­grades in readi­ness for the switch to the next power level, the only thing I needed now was a de­cent sports cat and the all-im­por­tant soft­ware. But which one to choose? There’re quite a few op­tions on the mar­ket for the Mk3 RS now, and I’ve been lucky enough to ex­pe­ri­ence most of them for my­self, but for me it had to be moun­tune’s m400 kit. Yes, I’m be­com­ing some­thing of a moun­tune fan­boy, and with good rea­son – it’s all great stuff. When you speak to the moun­tune tech­ni­cians and engi­neers you can re­ally see how every as­pect of even the small­est com­po­nent has been metic­u­lously stud­ied, and then de­vel­oped to max­imise its per­for­mance po­ten­tial. And that’s ex­actly the kind of care and at­ten­tion I want peo­ple to spend on my beloved RS. And, with the hype sur­round­ing re­li­a­bil­ity is­sues of the 2.3-litre Eco­Boost seem­ingly never go­ing away I’d be ly­ing if I said there wasn’t a lit­tle bit of nig­gling doubt at the back of my mind about in­creas­ing the power fur­ther. So, I asked; ‘Who do I trust the most?’ And the an­swer; moun­tune.

So, I booked the car in at their Es­sex HQ for a moun­tune sports cat to be fit­ted – which soon es­ca­lated into a full turbo-back ex­haust to work with the al­ready-fit­ted axle-back! – and the much revered m400 cal­i­bra­tion. And… it’s fan­tas­tic!

I drove moun­tune’s own demo car about this time last year, and I’d for­got­ten how good it is. In fact, in the com­fort of my own car, and with the ex­tra chas­sis/han­dling up­grades I’ve fit­ted, I’d say it feels even bet­ter than I re­mem­ber!

Power may only be up around 20bhp from the m380 tune, but the power de­liv­ery feels much sharper; from 5000rpm on­wards it feels like a dif­fer­ent car, pulling much harder to the red line. The torque pat­terns feel very sim­i­lar to the m380; there’s still that huge kick up the back­side low down in the

Jamie's been back to moun­tune HQ for more good­ies to be fit­ted to the RS

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