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The ST250 was equipped with Ford’s Ge­trag MMT6 gear­box, as pre­vi­ously found in the six-speed Mon­deo ST220 and tur­bocharged No­ble sports cars. And al­though it’s not quite in­de­struc­tible, it’s proven to cope with more torque than an Eco­Boost can throw at it.

The ST250’s clutch isn’t quite as tough, though. Its lim­its are around the same level as the stan­dard turbo, al­though sen­si­ble use of the loud pedal from stand­still should avoid any is­sues. Collins Per­for­mance, for ex­am­ple, is yet to change a clutch be­cause its tun­ing pack­ages stop short of 300bhp.

A test drive is vi­tal. Check for clutch slip by driv­ing in a high gear and ac­cel­er­at­ing hard from around 2000rpm; if the road speed doesn’t in­crease in line with en­gine revs, the clutch has seen bet­ter days.

Be­ware of vi­bra­tions felt through the clutch pedal or any baulk­ing when chang­ing gear. The stan­dard change has a pos­i­tive me­chan­i­cal feel, but there should be no gear se­lec­tion dif­fi­cul­ties, es­pe­cially in first or re­v­erse. Sev­eral early ST250s had their clutches and even en­tire gear­boxes re­placed un­der war­ranty, al­though re­ported prob­lems are scarce.

If your po­ten­tial pur­chase hap­pens to be mod­i­fied, it may come with a quick-shift kit, which short­ens the throw of the gear­stick - a very worth­while up­grade. Bear in mind, though, that a mod­i­fied ma­chine has prob­a­bly been driven hard, so dou­ble-check that clutch…

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