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The new Mach 1 model is Ford’s most track-focused Mustang yet, but even that’s not quite enough for some. Mustang specialist tuner and importer Clive Sutton has just launched a tuned version, dubbed the 767 Edition.

Why is called the 767 Edition? That’s easy – because it has 767bhp thanks to its supercharg­ed V8.

But why 767bhp specifical­ly? Because 767 is the same figure as the speed of the sound (767mph, or Mach 1) – clever, huh?

That increase in power comes from a combining a 3.0-litre supercharg­er with a dual-pass charge cooler and an H-pipe exhaust system. The performanc­e upgrades don’t stop there, as the 767 Edition comes with Ford Performanc­e anti-roll bars, spoiler and splitter, and then Clive Sutton upgrades the subframe and suspension components and gives the car a fast road geometry setup. Each 767 Edition also comes with Ford Performanc­e birds nest wheels, with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. Prices start at £96,000, for more details speak to Clive Sutton –


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767bhp has special significan­ce for a Mach 1
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