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Shane’s estate might not be an official Cosworth model, but it sure looks like it could pass for a genuine factory example. And if Ford had built one, it would have surely sold loads. This is not Shane’s first Sierra, having built several Cossie 24-valve V6-powered Sapphires. And it’s not the first time Shane has owned this particular estate...

He explains, “I built it from scratch about six years ago. I found a good strong shell for sale on eBay, and then bought a rotten 2WD Saph Cossie to use as a donor for the conversion. I loved it, but then sold it to a friend when I bought an E46 BMW M3. I immediatel­y regretted it, so when I had the chance to buy it back I did.”

Shane didn’t buy it back for sentimenta­l value alone, though; he bought it because he just loves driving it. “I’ve covered over 60,000 miles in it since I’ve built it. If the sun’s out, it gets used,” smiles Shane.

When you take a quick glance at the spec, it’s easy to see why Shane’s so addicted to driving the thing. Under the bonnet, the YB has been built by Joe Stevens at Bluesprint and is packed full of tried-and-tested upgrades to provide a solid and reliable 400bhpplus. To cope, the T5 ‘box has been upgraded by Bara Motorsport­s, along with a beefed-up rear diff.

A real factory-looking Cossie estate, we love it!

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