Fast Ford



To celebrate the Fiesta’s 40th anniversar­y, Ford launched a specialedi­tion ST200 model of the Fiesta ST in 2016. Initially planned as a limited run of 400, but later increased due to early demand (to a production figure Ford hasn’t disclosed), the ST200 took a top-spec ST-3 model and added unique Storm Grey paint and an exclusive set of different-colour alloys.

Based on the later Mk7 ST, the ST200 featured softer rear springs, softer roll bars, stiffer rear beam and stiffer front springs compared with the first regular STs (the same as all post-autumn 2015 models).

The ST200 does benefit from increased performanc­e over the regular ST, though, mainly thanks to a power increase from 180bhp to 197bhp (now 212bhp on overboost) by using a similar upgrade to Mountune’s MP215 kit. It is possible to give a regular ST the same levels of kit and performanc­e as the ST200, but that unique colour and limited production run means the final fast Mk7 will always be a soughtafte­r fast Ford.

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