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The 2.0-litre Duratec found under the bonnet of the Fiesta ST is a rev-happy little powerhouse. As standard, the 150bhp it produces is enough to get the lightweigh­t Fezza to 60mph in under eight seconds, but the true power potential is strangled somewhat by the red tape of emissions control.

Bolting on a decent induction system and free-flowing exhaust will help the Duratec breathe, and as result release a few more ponies. Couple that with a remap and you can reasonably expect to see between 160 and 170bhp – not massive gains but still an improvemen­t over standard. A set of fast-road cams will add a bit more, but the ultimate spec from bolt-ons alone mirrors Mountune’s MR200 upgrade, with all of the above plus a cast inlet and 60mm throttle body to give around 200bhp.

Further tuning takes two distinctly separate routes: sticking with naturally-aspirated means adding individual throttle bodies (you can even retain the original ECU, but aftermarke­t systems allow for full live mapping), or boosting the Duratec with a supercharg­er or turbocharg­er upgrade. Throttle bodies will yield 210bhp on a stock engine, but high-compressio­n or larger capacity 2.3/2.5 engines can produce as much as 300bhp. Supercharg­ers will produce between 240 and 330bhp depending on the size of the ‘charger, while turbo options can produce close to 500bhp with the right bits in place.

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