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2.5 & 3.0-LITRE DURATEC V6



There aren’t many performanc­e products available in the UK for the V6. Apart from the usual remap, exhaust and air filter, you will struggle to find gains without looking to the US for a supercharg­er kit. Because of the 2.5-litre V6’s fairly low compressio­n ratio it can handle forced induction well without the need for uprated internals, and it is possible to see 250-to-260bhp.

Stick with N/A and you’ll struggle to see more than a 15-to-20bhp gain. You can upgrade between models; fit the ST200 top end stuff to an ST24 to see 200bhp, or fit a 3.0-litre bottom end from an ST220 to an ST200 to reach 220bhp, and so on.

There isn’t really anywhere to go with the ST220. It’s quite highly strung as standard, and Ford’s already extracted pretty much all available power. But air filters, exhausts and a remap will slightly increase bhp. Throttle bodies are an option, but will require a fair amount of custom work to get them to fit (including cutting a massive hole in the bonnet for clearance) and even then they don’t provide enormous gains for the costs involved – about 300bhp is the limit on a fully-built engine. Forced induction is an option, but it will be a complete custom install with associated costs.

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