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The 2.0-litre EcoBoost has also been with us since 2010; its architectu­re is derived from the Duratec engine. The standard 247bhp is enough for a lively drive, but it can be better.

To begin with, the basics of air filter, exhaust and remap will give 270-to-280bhp and really liven things up compared to the stock software. Further supporting hardware such as a sports cat and better intercoole­r (and a more aggressive remap) will take things to just shy of 300bhp – more than enough for most, and arguably the sweet spot between power, performanc­e, everyday reliabilit­y and cost.

The reason is because for more power you really need to lay some stronger foundation­s in the shape of a fully-forged bottom end – a wise idea given the fact the 2.0 has been known to suffer piston failure even at stock power. The jury is still out on exactly what causes the problem (weak components, LSPI, poor fuel, poor maintenanc­e etc) but a set of forged pistons seems to sort the problem out.

With a bulletproo­f bottom end you can turn the wick up with a bigger turbos and such like – the stock fuel system starts to run out of juice at about 350bhp but bigger injectors will see 400bhp. A supplement­ary fuel system and even bigger turbo will take you well beyond.

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