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When Ford launched the Mk4 Focus ST, the firm dropped the ten-year-old 2.0 EcoBoost in favour of the same 2.3-litre version used in the Focus RS and Mustang. Except it isn’t the same. It’s better.

Although the ST’s 2.3 only produces 276bhp in standard trim, it benefits from updates such as a switch from cast-iron crank to a forged-steel item, a raised compressio­n ratio (now 10.0:1), and the latest electronic­ally-actuated twin-scroll turbo.

These updates, along with the latest FGEC software, were needed to ensure it meets the latest Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standards, but it also means the newer engine is already proving to be more robust than its predecesso­r.

While the factory spec is solid, the good news is that RS power is only a remap away, with around 330bhp possible from revised software alone. One area that shows significan­t restrictio­n for further tuning is the exhaust; the emissionsf­riendly system really is something of a bottleneck when it comes to tuning.

A sports GPF, sports cat, and catback exhaust doesn’t come cheap, but it allows the engine to breathe and means upwards of 360bhp is possible. Tuners are still working on the next stages, but it looks like there’s still plenty to come soon.

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