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“For a little bit more than £500 you can skip straight past the entry-level packages and into the CP2 software. The software costs £360 but also requires a Stage 1 intercoole­r upgrade at £250. This takes us a little over budget, but the 320bhp-plus the CP2 delivers is well worth the extra £100.”


“Now we can build on the foundation­s of the CP2 package we laid down with our first £500. The next £1000 would see us suggest a Mongoose cat-back exhaust (£685) and a closed air intake system (£290), or a K&N panel filter (£56). If the latter, that leaves budget to spend on sorting the chassis with some Powerflex front bushes (which probably need changing anyway) and one of our CP quickshift kits too.”


“For this we’d be looking at our CP340 Software (£420), CP actuator (£150), a block mod kit (£360), RS injectors (£300), Stage 1 intercoole­r (£250), Mongoose 3in downpipe (£280), Mongoose 3in sports cat (£600) and Mongoose cat-back (£685). This will give a very useable spread of power and torque, and to make the most of it we’d spend the remaining budget on Powerflex front bushes (£85), CP quickshift (£60), Eibach springs (£220), Koni dampers (£800), Whiteline rear anti-roll bar (£180), Ferodo DS2500 brake pads (£160) and CP torque mount (£120). That would make a formidable fast Ford by any standard.”

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