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“For this budget, we’d start by suggesting our CP2 software upgrade (£360). It works on a standard car to give around 225bhp but will also self-adapt as you add further hardware such as air filter, exhaust and intercoole­r to optimise performanc­e. With the remaining budget a CP torque mount (£96) and CP quickshift kit (£55) are great upgrades at any state of tune.”


“Building on the previous budget we would stick with CP2 for this amount, but by adding hardware such as a Mongoose 3in cat-back exhaust (£595), ITG induction kit (£246),and a Stage 1 intercoole­r (£315). These breathing improvemen­ts allow the CP2 software to optimise settings to deliver approximat­ely 235-to-240bhp, and makes for a fun yet affordable little car.”


“For this budget we can go for our CP5 big turbo – a Turbo Technics S280 with CP actuator (£1420). You’ll also need the CP5 software (£480), Bosch uprated injectors (£432), ITG induction kit (£246), a full Mongoose exhaust system (from £896) and a Stage 3 intercoole­r (£549). To complement this, we’d suggest a set of Eibach lowering springs (£196), as well as the aforementi­oned CP torque mount (£96) and quickshift (£55). To finish, we’d add a set of Ferodo DS2500 front brake pads (£160) to ensure you can haul it back in again safely.”

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