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“Your first mod should definitely be an upgraded torque link mount (£99); it’s affordable and completely changes the car. After that we’d go for an induction kit (£147); it gives a slight increase in power, paves the way for future upgrades, and sounds great too. Then you can take advantage of our Stage 1 remap (£250) to give your ST180 around 225bhp.”


“Again we’d suggest starting with the torque mount and induction kit, but we can now go for our MSD Stage 2 software (£300). You’ll need an uprated intercoole­r; our Stage 2 (£169) works well at this power level, but if you plan further tuning an Airtec Stage 3 will future-proof the car. You’ll also need an exhaust system with de-cat or sports cat downpipe; we’d go for Piper at £844, and you’d want uprated rubbers too (£27). If you’ve fitted a cheaper exhaust system and have some budget left, we reckon our shortshift­er kit and Airtec hot-side turbo pipe are wise upgrades.”


“For £5000 you’d get our Stage 4 package, which offers 325-to-350bhp. You’d need a BB04 turbo kit (£2000), which includes the turbo, software and all the hardware required for installati­on. We’d also suggest a ported exhaust manifold (£150), Airtec Stage 3 intercoole­r (£549), the Piper exhaust (£844), induction kit (£147) and torque mount (£99) mentioned above. At this power the brakes and suspension will need uprating too; we suggest our J-hook discs and Mintex M11444 pads with HEL brake lines (£450) and Eibach springs (£170). Finally, a Blackline helical diff (£500) completes the whole package.”

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