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“We would look towards the LP1R kit for this budget. You can’t go wrong with a bit more power, and the SD V3 intake and our Stage 1 map will give up to 255bhp and 300lb.ft. We’d couple this with a short-shifter as the stock throw on the shifter isn’t very nice on the Mk8.”


“This is a really nice budget to have on this platform. Again the LP1R kit is more than enough on the stock turbo, but we have noticed wheel-hop can be a problem on these cars so we’d suggest an SD torque mount. This budget will also get the shortshift­er, and I’d add an intercoole­r to cool the charge temps too. Some upgraded discs and pads will also be wise, as the stock brakes aren’t great in my opinion.”


“This is a pretty hardcore budget for these cars at the moment and I haven’t personally tested cars at over 300bhp yet, so until then my current recommenda­tion would be the LP2R kit including an SD V3 intake, Outlaw large intercoole­r, Outlaw de-cat, Outlaw GPF-delete and our Laird Performanc­e Stage 2 mapping to give up to 265bhp. We would want to add a GPF-back exhaust system, hotside boost pipe and SD throttle body elbow to maximise performanc­e, plus an SD torque mount, SD short shifter, SD big brakes, 20mm spacers, and Eibach lowering springs to really enhance the handling too. Even after all this you will still be well within budget.”

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