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“The first thing we’d suggest is our CP2 software. For £360 it really transforms the stock car, and offers an extra 32bhp at the wheels, even without any additional hardware upgrades – using our drivetrain percentage calculatio­n (8 per cent) this calculates to 234bhp at the engine, but we’ve seen some figures quoted using a 15 per cent drivetrain calculatio­n, which would equate to 248bhp at the engine. Spend the remaining budget on a CP torque mount and quickshift.”


“Our CP2 software works well on a stock car, but it really does best with some supporting hardware upgrades. A Stage 1 intercoole­r (£375) and Mongoose 3in GPF-back exhaust (£700) use up the rest of the budget, but these breathing improvemen­ts means the software can deliver up to 50bhp (at the wheels) increases.”


“Now we’re into bigger turbo territory. Our preferred choice is the Turbo Technics S285 unit (£1140), but at these power levels we really need to add forged rods and pistons (£810) for reliabilit­y. Then we’d add an Airtec induction kit (£139), full turbo-back Mongoose 3in exhaust (£1320), and Stage 2 Pro Alloy intercoole­r (£575) to allow our CP3 software (£480) to deliver a minimum of an extra 80bhp over stock, usually more. We’d also add Eibach springs (£230), and the CP torque mount (£96) and CP quickshift (£55) mentioned above.”

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