Fast Ford



How long have you owned the car? “I’ve had this one for five years.”

What have you done to the car since owning it?

“Loads. The engine bay has been dressed, it has all the usual performanc­e upgrades available for these, and I’ve added Brembo brakes, Fiesta RS Turbo bonnet vents, Halo headlights, underglow lights, Zito alloys, splitter kit, and loads more.”

What do you use the car for?

“It gets used mainly for weekends and taking to shows and meets.”

What is the best thing about owning one? “I love the fact that no one else in my area has one. Plus, it’s the comfiest car I’ve ever driven.”

What is the worst thing about owning one? “It’s getting harder to get spares these days, and more difficult to maintain too.”

If you didn’t own this, what other ST would you have?

“I’ve got a Focus ST170 that I use as my daily driver.”

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