Fast Ford



How long have you owned the car?

“I’ve owned my red MR200 for two years, and have just purchased a white MR200 to replace it with. But I’ve owned six ST150s before the red one over the last 12 years.”

What have you done to the car since owning it? “The car was purchased as an MR200, but I have since installed a Quaife LSD, renewed bushes (Powerflex) and suspension (Bilstein B12), refurbishe­d the wheels, and given it a machine polish to bring the red back.”

What do you use the car for?

“This car is primarily used as a show and weekend car now; it only covered 396 miles since its last MOT.”

What is the best thing about owning one? “Fiesta STs handle well from factory, they are great for B-road blasts and are becoming increasing­ly popular on track. They’re great value, and still look good, despite first being released 17 years ago.”

What is the worst thing about owning one? “The turning circle is rubbish. The location of the PAS reservoir is daft (it spits fluid everywhere). And for those using as a daily, the lack of sixth gear is something that has been debated widely over the years.”

If you didn’t own this, what other ST would you have?

“I’d probably go for a Focus Mk2 for the noise, or the new Puma ST to serve family duties.”

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