Fast Ford



How long have you owned the car?

“I’ve owned the car just under two years and covered 22,000 miles with it.”

What have you done to the car since owning it? “I added a CP2 map after just 20 hours of ownership. Since then I’ve slowly added lots more uprated bits like an Airtec intake, a Pro Alloy intercoole­r, and a Mongoose exhaust system.”

What do you use the car for?

“I use the car every day – going to and from work, on country road blasts at the weekend, and I aim to do three or four track days a year too.”

What is the best thing about owning one?

“It has a Jekyll and Hyde nature with the CP2 software; you can drive it sedately to the shops in Normal mode, but then switch to Sport and take the long way home. It covers all bases, from daily commuter to back-road weapon!”

What is the worst thing about owning one? “People assume it’s not as good as the Mk7 Fiesta ST – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Drive one and it will change your mind.”

If you didn’t own this, what other ST would you have?

“If I didn’t own the Fiesta I’d probably say the new Puma ST in Mean Green. I like the idea of having a grown-up car that still has that playful Fiesta ST DNA.”

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