Fast Ford



How long have you owned the car? “I’ve owned my ST170 for nine years now.”

What have you done to the car since owning it?

“Modificati­ons include Wolfrace alloys, coilovers, Mach 5 bonnet, Brembo brakes, various interior upgrades, and a full engine and gearbox replacemen­t – for no reason other than reducing the mileage. But I’ve got a supercharg­er to fit next year too…”

What do you use the car for?

“The car was my daily, but I tend to use it more for weekends and shows these days.”

What is the best thing about owning one? “The best thing for me is the people that I have met; over the last nine years I’ve made some truly amazing friends through the ST170 scene.”

What is the worst thing about owning one?

“I have no negatives to owning the car, other than the constant want to do things and the fact that it’s becoming old and showing its age.”

If you didn’t own this, what other ST would you have?

“I actually already have the other ST as my daily – a Mk6 Fiesta ST. I originally wanted one when I bought the Focus, and have the best of both now.”

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