Fast Ford



How long have you owned the car? “I’ve owned the car five years now.”

What have you done to the car since owning it?

“Quite a bit. The engine has been forged by Pumabuild and is running 320bhp with a Stratified map and all the supporting hardware such as Airtec RS induction kit, Stage 3 intercoole­r, and KMS Section 18 exhaust. Visually it’s got an Airtec wide-arch kit, Rotifom alloys, BTCC vented bonnet, Delta Styling rear wing, custom splitter, and it’s now on its third wrap from Blueprint too.”

What do you use the car for?

“It gets used for everything – shows, shopping, work, the lot.”

What is the best thing about owning one? “I love everything about it but some of my favourite things are the seats. It’s like my desk for work, where I’m in charge and I control how I drive it. It’s a pleasure to own one of the best.”

What is the worst thing about owning one? “There’s nothing really that bad about the car I can think of. Perhaps things like the difficult access to the brake reservoir with a strut brace fitted, but I’m really clutching at straws to find something bad, to be honest.”

If you didn’t own this, what other ST would you have?

“Hmm, that’s a hard one. Maybe the Puma ST, it looks to be a good car.”

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