20,000 Years of Duck De­coys

Well done to all those who en­tered the com­pe­ti­tion to win a deluxe copy of the first Aus­tralasian de­coy bi­ble lov­ingly pro­duced by Dr Hugh Lav­ery and John By­ers. The win­ning en­tries each re­ceive a copy of the book.

Field and Game - - DEER HARVEST -

Deme­tre Char­alam­bous Mor­well

Ever since I took up duck hunt­ing I have needed de­coys.

Plas­tic did not at­tract the wild ducks as quickly as de­coys made of cork.

The rea­son for this was that they sat on the wa­ter a lot bet­ter than the plas­tic ones.

Cork de­coys can be at­tached in four dif­fer­ent po­si­tions so they can be ar­ranged in such a way that the wild duck will pitch in a lot eas­ier, es­pe­cially if the de­coys have duck wings at­tached on them from the pre­vi­ous year. My favourite de­coy is the one I’m hold­ing which is a Moun­tain duck.

Dale Mar­shal Tasmania

Dale sent in a favourite photo of a de­coy with a real life pas­sen­ger which was taken by long time Field & Game mem­ber Rex Bramich. The photo was taken on a mo­bile phone and was too small to pub­lish, but trust us, it was a beauty.

You can find 20,000 Years of Duck De­coys at ama­zon.com or www.pod­dy­bay.com or email john@pod­dy­bay.com to ob­tain a copy.

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